Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The GazettE: Before I Decay stuffs from CdJapan

I got my mail from CdJapan today 10/27/09

Here pictures:

I opened my poster not 2 POSTERS! I am sad and little angry.
Here picture:
[Excuse my wrong fit way I can't help it] no 2 posters..i want from GazettE_Daily@LJ.

If you have 'double' poster of that please let me know you can email me (angelbott@knology.net for my home address and show me real picture of your own) please be must brand-new no messy ( like holes or rip or dirty and etc.) sorry again for my neat freak if you mail please be in tube roll in with more safe. Or What's I doing for email cdJapan for mail me another poster? =o